It is important that you know who we are. This is how we want to tell the story of a territory full of magic. Like you, we are passionate about birds.
Who we are?
Aweima is an initiative supported by the University of Ibagué, who seeks to promote sustainable and responsible birdwatching in Colombia, connecting the public interested in birding and learning about this biodiverse world where the colors, sounds and sensations are our main protagonists.
As part of our commitment to sustainability, quality education, and the promotion of responsible tourism, all our profits are invested in High Education, generating positive impacts in the region. One of our flagship initiatives is the Diploma in Ornithology Fundamentals for Birdwatching Guidance, through which we train our guides. Not only our customers and users benefit from this, as they will enjoy experiences on routes carefully designed by our business unit, but also our guides, most of whom are university students. They will have an invaluable opportunity to develop professional skills and gain real work experience. Additionally, they will contribute to the growth of one of the tourism segments with the highest economic potential in Colombia and worldwide: birdwatching. We believe that this investment in the development of local talent is essential to ensure sustainable and enriching tourism.
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