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Colombia magical paradise land of birds

Colombia has more than
1.900 bird species
Colombia is home to 20%
of the world’s bird species.
The bird world is composed of
82 endemic species, which means they do not
exist anywhere else on Earth.

It is the country with the highest diversity of this particular group of fauna in the world.

e-Bird has 95% of bird data from Colombia.

158 migratory bird species travel throughout the year and find Colombia to be the perfect place for resting, feeding, and breeding.

At Aweima, we all bird together, which is why we have carefully crafted routes that allow for a complete immersion in nature. These routes traverse habitats abundant in diverse fauna and flora, providing a genuine nature experience. Our knowledgeable guides will create optimal conditions for observing a wide array of species while prioritizing the safety of our group.

Aweima it´s a sustainable business unit
With the support of the “Universidad de Ibagué,” our primary goal is to promote birding services that facilitate interaction with and conservation of ecosystems, enabling the observation and photography of bird species in Colombia.
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Would you like to explore Colombia in a unique way? Aweima offers a unique experience to explore Colombia, with exciting bird watching opportunities.
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