Colombian ecosystems


Discover the beauty of Colombia’s ecosystems: a natural paradise that will leave you breathless. From the towering mountains of the Andes to the lush Amazon jungle and the vibrant coasts of the Caribbean, our country is home to an astonishing variety of landscapes and wildlife.

Immerse yourself in the magical biodiversity that characterizes our ecosystems. Step into the tropical jungle and marvel at the symphony of sounds of howler monkeys, colorful toucans and captivating butterflies. Discover the majesty of orchids, the most beautiful flowers that adorn our forests. If you prefer the heights, explore the imposing páramos, where the mists give an air of mystery to the crystalline lagoons and the frailejones stand as guardians of nature. There you will be able to observe unique birds in their natural habitat, such as the emblematic Andean condor.

And we cannot forget the coasts that bathe our country. Immerse yourself in the warm waters of the Caribbean and discover the coral reefs full of life. Swim alongside the majestic humpback whales that migrate to our waters to delight us with their presence. Colombia is a privileged destination for lovers of nature and adventure. Explore the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the Colombian massif of Chiribiquete or the enigmatic Amazon region, home to indigenous communities and unparalleled diversity.

In every corner of our country, landscapes await you that will take your breath away and connect you with the greatness of nature. The ecosystems of Colombia are treasures that we must preserve and admire. Join us and be part of this mission, caring for and protecting the natural wealth of Colombia for future generations.

Take Momotus

The Momotus is a genus of birds that belongs to the Momotidae family and is popularly known as motmots or barranqueros. These beautiful birds are found mainly in Central and South America, including countries like Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, and Venezuela, among others. The motmot is characterized by its striking plumage, which generally combines bright colors such as green, blue and white. Their size varies depending on the species, but on average they measure around 40 centimeters in length.

One of the most distinctive features of motmots is their long, racket-shaped tail, which gives them a unique and elegant appearance. In addition, they have a strong and slightly curved beak, ideal for catching insects and fruits, which make up a large part of their diet. These birds are known for their calm and cautious demeanor. They spend most of their time perched on high branches, watching their surroundings for prey. When they spot a desirable insect or fruit, they swoop down to capture it, then return to their perch to consume it.

The momoto is also recognized by its characteristic call, which consists of a series of guttural and melodious notes. This song is used both for communication within the species and to establish territories and attract mates during the breeding season. Regarding their habitat, motmots usually inhabit wooded areas and tropical jungles, where they find shelter and food. They are very territorial birds and vehemently defend their territory from other individuals of the same species.

In short, the motmot is a fascinating and beautiful bird that stands out for its colorful plumage, racket-shaped tail, and calm demeanor. Its presence in the forests and jungles of Central and South America adds beauty and charm to these ecosystems. Observing a motmot in its natural habitat is a unique experience that allows us to appreciate the diversity and wonder of avian life.

Migratory Birds in Colombia

Discover the spectacle of migratory birds in Colombia and be amazed by their beauty and grace. Every year, thousands of birds from distant lands come to our country in search of warmer climates and abundant food. Imagine witnessing the incredible phenomenon of birds in flight, filling the sky with their outstretched wings and vibrant colors. Colombia becomes a meeting point for these migratory species, turning our country into a paradise for ornithology lovers.

From majestic eagles to delicate hummingbirds, Colombia is home to a wide variety of migratory birds that find refuge in our forests, wetlands, and coastlines. Get ready to admire the flight of white herons and storks that travel long distances to meet in our beautiful landscapes. In the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, you can enjoy the spectacle of migratory hummingbirds, with their rapid wingbeats and dazzling colors. In the wetlands of the Llanos region, you will witness the aerial dance of waterfowl, such as flamingos and herons, which find in these ecosystems the perfect place to reproduce and rest during their migratory journey.

But it is not only the variety of migratory birds that makes Colombia a unique destination, it is also the warmth of its people and the cultural richness that will surround you at every step. Discover the tradition of bird watching in Colombia, where expert guides will take you to the best observation points and teach you about the different species and their habitats. If you are a nature lover and you are passionate about the world of birds, Colombia is the place you should visit. Here you will live unforgettable experiences, capturing images of birds in flight, connecting with nature and marveling at the diversity of species that visit us every year.

Come and discover the incredible world of migratory birds in Colombia. Get ready to live fascinating adventures, admire the beauty of the winged fauna and let yourself be carried away by the magic of bird watching in one of the most outstanding destinations in the world.

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